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New music posted

2009-07-29 16:30:17 by XtraD3ath

just posted some new audio hope you like it(:

heres the new banner i made

New music posted


2009-07-28 18:22:31 by XtraD3ath

Zack Straus: Lead Guitar
Jakiem Hart: Rhythm Guitar
Alex Ganes: Bass
Bryan Contreras: Drums
Sean O'Neill: Manager/Artist

FADE myspace


High Life Team

2009-07-21 15:31:22 by XtraD3ath

become our fans((: and most importantly dare us >:)

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2009-07-09 10:39:47 by XtraD3ath

Check this out my charcoal drawing (:


Hey Newgrounds

2009-06-22 18:40:58 by XtraD3ath

hey guys my name is Sean.
I like to speak my mind((: especially over the internet with my videos.
I've been making new profiles on every site like myspace, facebook, newgrounds, and twitter, and youtube.
i hope you like my videos! OH! and if you ever had some question lurking in the back of your mind dont be afraid to ask it!!!! ill answer it with my honest opinion((:

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this first video is me longboarding from wendys back home. and some stupid 8th graders are quoting shit they probably should have never seen. gah youth